Four Hand Band

Mary Humphreys and Anahata play ceilidhs as a duo
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Dear Anahata and Mary,

A big thank-you from everyone in Toft for a lovely ceilidh at our Spring Festival.

The music was excellent and between you and Alison, you created a warm, friendly atmosphere.

I've had very good feedback from those present and plenty of regrets from those who heard about it but couldn't make it.

May 2015

Thank you so much for playing for Ruth's 21st Birthday Party on Saturday evening... We all really enjoyed the ceilidh and you and Alison made it very special for Ruth. It was just the right mix of different dances and music, and many of Ruth's friends who had never been to a ceilidh before said what a great time they had had, it made me very happy that they had had such a wonderful introduction to dancing in this way.

Thank you particularly for the sensitivity you showed, giving everybody time to eat and enabling some of the dancing to be outside during the hottest part of the evening. We all as a family commented to each other afterwards how much we appreciated no pressure being placed on anybody to dance and yet most of us danced most of the dances! The whole evening went by so smoothly and in such a relaxed fashion, it felt very special!

Thanks again for the wonderful music!

July 2014